Bottle Identification

Information authenticity

The use of the Bubble Tag ™ technology makes each bottle unique and facilitates linking the bottle to certified information.

The Bubble Tag ™, associated with each bottle, is its "fingerprint" and this Tag makes it uniquely identifiable by consulting the Geowine reference database.

The unique and tamper-proof Bubble Tag

Prooftag - Code à bulles

The Bubble Tag ™ is made of a translucent polymer inside which, as a result of a random phenomenon, self-generated bubbles appear. This constellation of bubbles forms the basis of the identity given to a document or product. Each Bubble Tag ™ is unique and impossible to replicate, even by Prooftag .

Either as aseal or a label, the Bubble Tag ™ is applied to wine bottles and makes them unique and impossible to counterfeit. It is a visible proof of authenticity controlled by the distributors, authorities, consumers...

The Bubble Tag ™ is controlled visually or electronically via the Internet or mobile phone as part of the project GEOWINE.

Prooftag codes à bulles étiquette bouteille vin authentification lecture code à bulles sur téléphone mobile