Prooftag: solutions d'authentificationProoftag develops solutions for identification and authentication for brand protection and document security.

These high security solutions are based on the use of the Bubble Tag ™.

GEOWINE is part of the Prooftag's strategy to become a global reference concerning the protection of wines and spirits. To do so, the company has set up several investment plans and developed of specific solutions for the wines and spirits industry.

Prooftag's participation in the GEOWINE will allow it to democratize its authentication technology making it accessible to the majority of producers of wines with protected designation of origin.

Prooftag brings its expertise in the concept Geowine for:

  • Implementation of authentication solutions for the wine industry
  • Implementation of traceability solutions for bottles in the bottling line.
  • Industrialization of authentication solutions
  • Development of optoelectronic reading solutions