CCI Gers

CCI du GersSince 2001, the CCI Gers developed a technology centre on Geomatics called Teleparc. It incorporates R & D (European projects), training courses co-produced with the "Université Paul Sabatier" (Professional Licence in Geomatics Engineering for Land Planning) and business start-ups incubator (5 companies).

One of the important missions of the CCI of Gers is to introduce SMEs to research and innovation. As such, the project Geowine is a good example, as it allows them to participate in a research program of AGRIMIP cluster.

The project Geowine is an important element in the development of a European Geotraceability platform in the Teleparc centre gathering:

    1. A Research & Development network in food traceability
    2. A research centre dedicated to Geo-traceability and its applications for agriculture, agribusiness, and sustainable development practices.
    3. A centre for experimentation and validation of research findings and good practices using the landscape of the Gers already recognized as a good example of the main agri-environmental issues and of other rural departments of Midi-Pyrenees (Aveyron, Tarn ...)
    4. A training centre dedicated to Geomatics applications for agriculture, environmental protection and sustainable economy;
    5. Centre for design, development and implementation of new European projects in partnership with other clusters in the areas of Geomatics application for rural areas.
    6. . An incubator for start-ups wishing to develop new services in the applications of Geomatics for the economy, governance, promotion of regional identities, etc.