LEREPS: Laboratory on Economics Studies and Research

The social sciences in support of the Geowine project

The workpackage 4 of the Geowine project, leaded by the LEREPS, a laboratory of the "Université de Toulouse1-Capitol", aims to study the impact and "acceptability" of Geowine innovation amongst the upstream and downstream participants of the wine industry and the consumers. The workpackage 4's team combines many disciplinary profiles of social sciences: economists from LEREPS and ACT UMR (INRA), sociologists from CERTOP ("Université de Toulouse 2-Le Mirail") and a manager of the ENITA Bordeaux. Its workplan is centered on three tasks that bring together social science and technical research.


The three tasks of the project are:

  1. An analysis of the impact of the Geowine system (designed in part as a management tool) in relation with the upstream participants of the wine industry;
  2. A study of "acceptability" of the downstream participants and consumers to evaluate the introduction of this innovative system that plays a role in the producer-consumer relationship;
  3. To broaden and put the Geowine product into perspective as it faces evolutions and market dynamics.


LEREPS is the Laboratory for the Study and Research on Economics, Policy and Social Systems of the "Université de Toulouse1-Capitol".LEREPS: Laboratoire d'Etude et de Recherche sur l'Economie

LEREPS is a multidisciplinary team focused mainly on economics and sociology but also brings together managers and geographers of the land management field. Its work focuses on two major issues: firstly, the localisation of economic activities and its links with the governance of territories and, secondly, the organization of productive activities in conjunction with innovation, technical changes and evolution in financial structures.