Secure the information flow

To ensure that the geotraceability information delivered is trusted and relevant, IRIT deploys within the Geowine integrated system three security solutions

  1. The first solution ensures that all these sources of information are known and reliable. This solution is based on a certification authority that has a role similar to a police authority. A partner who wishes to file information on the web portal contacts the certification authority and gives his identity. The certification authority verifies this identity and gives a certificate (equivalent to an ID card). The partner then sends their message with a copy of the identity card proving to the web portal that they are a Geowine partner and they are authorised to transmit information. As the message travel across the Internet, there could potentially be an error on the message due to network loss,or, a hacker could modify the content. However, it is imperative that the message arrives at the web portal as it was sent by the partner to ensure the integrity of the data.Sécurisation des flux d'information: autorité de certification
  2. The second solution is based on the use of electronic signatures. The electronic signature is the unique fingerprint of a message. When a partner sends a message to the portal, they sends, besides their certificate, a unique signature for that message. Nevertheless, erroneous information may be inadvertently transmitted by a partner, thus it is imperative to be able to detect this error and identify the source so that the relevant partner can correct it.S"curisation des flux d'informations: utilisation de signatures électroniques

  3. The third solution is logging, it aims to create a relevant history of the life cycle of applications. More precisely each partner and the web portal will necessarily make traces each time a transaction is made in order to facilitate data tracking

Finally, each partner is uniquely identified within in the Geowine system. He is responsible for information supplied or filed on the site. Any transaction carried out is a commitment to the other partners.

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