Promoting wine growers and origin

Why Plaimont is engaged in the Geowine project

"The Geowine project has led Plaimont Producteurs to adopt the certification-authentication system "Bubble Tag" developed by Prooftag to allow consumers to "get inside" the geo-traceability of a St Mont wine via a computer or a smartphone.

For us, the interest of Geowine is two-fold:

Geowine outil de qualification des terroirsFirstly, the classification of soils.A detailed description of the suitability of the land, enables growers to have a model of systematic analysis, developed within the project in partnership with EI Purpan.

Géotraçabilité: prise de décision et aide à l'exploitation de chaque parcelleHence, from the technical point of view, mapping and studying the behaviour of different planting areas contributes to decision making and helps to optimise of each aera of the vineyard.

Secondly, the system provides consumers with a range of information on the historical background of a wine that interest them: the origin and description of the different growing areas, information about the wine growers, particular elements of wine uniqueness or full traceability of the work of wine warehouse.

The strength of Geowine lies in the fact that these elements are provided regardless of any marketing or commercial action. It is buildt on the direct use of "traceability of certified databases".