Why geo-traceability matters to consumers ?

The study of the consumers’ behaviour as well as that of the downstream participants on the interactive Geowine tagging is highly instructive.

When potential users are interviewed on the use of the device, we notice that it is particularly men, aged 35 or under, appreciating wine and interested in new technologies that are most likely to use the Geowine device.

Application Geowine téléphone mobileThe use of new technologies or the knowledge of wine can have more implementation of this tagging more than any other traditional sociographic variable such as age, gender or income.

If information on the geo-traceability of wine is not yet known among wine amateurs, it nevertheless elicits curiosity and even admiration amongst them for the ingenuity of the device.

Moreover, whether the device is used or not, the availability of the information acts as security and as proof of authenticity. In the study carried out, the prime importance of the industry's professionals who rely on the promotion of the device to consumers is strongly underlined. The exponential growth of devices like smartphones or 4G networks should help to generalise behaviour that is currently unconventional.