What is geo-traceability ?

Traceability is the ability to trace the path of a product or batch of products in a particular food chain. For the wine production, it means tracing the history of a product on the upstream of the chain, i.E until the bottle has been filled and ultimately up to its distribution..

Géotraçabilité: apporter une information complémentaire en utilisant l'information issue de l'environnementGeo-traceability provides additional facts by using information from the production environment: tor example, the land or location of vineyards and.or their precise position. It is then possible to certify the traditional traceability information through the geographical information and provide relevant details on local environmental conditions which contribute to the particular uniqueness of the products: soil, landscapes and climatic conditions. This concept was introduced by two European projects (GeoTraceAgri and GTIS-CAP) coordinated by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industie du Gers.

Géotraçabilité Geowine: de la parcelle au verreIn the context of Geowine, Geo-traceability is adapted to the viniculture/viticulture. This establishes a trace "from the bottle to the vineyard". This is achieved by geo-localizing the land involved in wine growing and to characterise the wine vintages by identifying the soils for each variety of grapes, their local environmental conditions, and all that has contributed to the particular uniqueness of the wine through pedo-climatic geo-indicators.